Chapter 4: The main steps of Threat Hunting

The VMRay approach to threat hunting

At VMRay, our approach to threat hunting is comprehensive and focused on maximizing effectiveness. Our advanced threat analysis capability is deeply integrated into every layer of our program, ensuring a robust and fruitful hunt for hidden adversaries.

By leveraging our solution, you can augment your existing detection and threat intelligence tools, optimizing your time and resources for more informed hypothesis building and targeted hunting. Our goal is to enable you to
stay one step ahead by identifying any gaps in your program,</spanY especially in response to the evolving threat landscape.

With VMRay, you can embark on a proactive and strategic threat-hunting journey, enhancing your security posture and safeguarding your digital assets.

The essential steps of Threat Hunting

In the realm of cybersecurity, effective threat hunting requires a well-defined strategy that combines the extraction of threat intelligence with advanced threat analysis. To help you navigate this complex landscape, let’s explore the key steps that form the foundation of a successful threat hunting program.

The journey begins with harnessing the wealth of threat intelligence available. It’s essential to choose the right approach, whether IOC driven (Indicator of Compromise) or TTP driven (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures). This selection empowers your team with critical insights into the ever-evolving threat landscape.

With a clear hypothesis in hand, you can embark on the proactive exploration of potential threats. As you venture into the hunt, it’s inevitable that you will encounter suspicious files or URLs that warrant deeper investigation. This is where the true value of comprehensive threat analysis comes into play.

By shining a light on these suspicious entities, you can uncover accurate verdicts and gather rich context. Armed with this high-fidelity, actionable intelligence, your detection engineers and incident responders gain the necessary insights to effectively address emerging threats.

Through deep threat analysis, you can extract valuable IOCs, produce bespoke intelligence, and refine your hypotheses for enhanced threat hunting. This iterative process enables you to stay ahead of adversaries by continually adapting and improving your threat hunting practices.

By embracing this strategic approach to threat hunting and intelligence extraction, you equip your organization with the knowledge and tools needed to proactively identify and neutralize threats. Stay one step ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape by adopting a comprehensive and systematic approach to threat hunting.