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Raising the bar where current cybersecurity tools fall short:
The VMRay Platform is built on pioneering sandbox technologies developed by experts in advanced threat detection. Our innovation enables rapid identification of unknown threats.

What Set Us Apart

Explore the enabling technologies that makes it possible to detect the undetectable.

Surmounting the persistent shortcomings of other security tools, VMRay delivers rapid detection results and in-depth analysis reports without compromising performance or security.

VMRay flexibly integrates with other systems, automating the submission of files and URLs for analysis. Precise, actionable results are returned that drive block/allow decisions and other security measures across the enterprise.

Immediate detection & In-depth analysis

Integrations for Seamless Automations

Precise & Actionable Insights, Noise Free

Immediate Detection of Unknown Threats

VMRay offers unparalleled technology that no other vendors can offer.

20+ Unique Technologies

With the VMRay platform, security teams can triage a deluge of samples from multiple sources.

Our Now, Near, Deep architecture tightly integrates our groundbreaking dynamic analysis engine with rapid reputation lookup and industry-best static analysis, pre-filtering files for enhanced performance with

Intelligent Monitoring

Allows VMRay to stay invisible to evasive malware as it runs solely in the hypervisor layer and without affecting the analysis environment.

Smart Memory Dumping

Advanced triggers to accurately dump and store relevant memory buffers of analyzed malware in real time that enables timely detection.

Machine Learning

Fed by the highest quality input data derived from our analysis, our Machine Learning model improves our capabilities to detect the undetectable.

Adaptive Browser Simulation

Detects and clicks on buttons that activatephishing attacks to automatically trigger the payload delivery.

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A Leading Global Technology Company

“Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way. This creates enormous value for our company, customers and partners.”

Team Lead
Cyber Security

Leading Engineering Conglomorate

“We could interact with the sample and enter a password. Most other solutions would fail there.

With VMRay, we obtain valuable threat intelligence critical to helping our connected organizations.”
Senior Specialist

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