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Unlocking automated Threat Intelligence: A global tech leader’s transformative journey with VMRay

Discover how a global top 10 technology brand automates threat intelligence extraction with the reliability and speed of VMRay.

Customer overview

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, our client, a Global Top 10 Technology brand embarked on a transformative journey with VMRay. This partnership proved instrumental in overcoming challenges within their Incident Response (IR) services unit, where ensuring client cybersecurity took center stage.

“VMRay’s data quality and rich API allowed us to automate our data extraction tasks in a way no other vendor was able to provide.”

The Problem: The quest for reliable threat analysis

Within the dynamic cybersecurity milieu, the client’s IR team grappled with multifaceted challenges. Analyzing emerging threats, zero-day attacks, and sophisticated, evasive malware posed an arduous task.

Previous tools fell short in delivering dependable analyses, especially for these elusive threats, necessitating labor-intensive manual efforts and reverse engineering. The challenge extended to identifying the full scope of attacks, particularly amid highly customizable sophisticated threats.

The impact: Automating defense to accelerate analysis and response

In the high-stakes realm of cybersecurity incident response services, timely and effective client support is paramount. The inability to promptly activate security automation and analyze incidents in a timely manner hindered the team’s ability to deliver their major value proposition.

Laborious, time-consuming security tasks became bottlenecks, affecting response times and service quality they offer for the clients.

The challenge of lacking reliability and speed in threat analysis

The struggle was most pronounced when dealing with previously unknown threats, zero-day attacks, and sophisticated, evasive malware. The existing analysis tools failed to provide the reliability needed, especially when automation rules were to be activated.

In the face of emerging threats, the team found themselves immersed in mundane tasks such as sifting through false positive alerts and engaging in manual analyses and reverse engineering. This not only drained resources but also hindered their ability to provide swift and reliable cybersecurity support to their clients.

The significance of timely client support

For a cybersecurity IR services provider, timely support is a linchpin of their service offering. The inability to activate security automation directly on a reliable verdict from previous sandboxing tools compromised not only reliability but also speed and scalability.

The team was caught in a loop of delayed responses, hampering their ability to promptly fulfill client requests. The urgency of the cybersecurity landscape, where minutes matter, underscored the need for a solution that delivered accuracy and speed in analysis and response.

What the customer needed was to automate time-consuming security tasks and accelerate analysis and response.

The solution: Crafting cyber resilience for strategic cybersecurity enhancement

The turning point arrived with the implementation of VMRay Platform’s cloud deployment. This strategic move allowed seamless integration with VMRay’s API, offering the team fast and reliable verdicts.

These verdicts were not only timely but also exhibited unparalleled reliability, instilling confidence in the team to activate automation rules and playbooks without the need to go over the analysis again and again in a manual way to verify the result.

VMRay’s API-based integrations enabled the automatic and swift extraction of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), further streamlining their threat intelligence processes. VMRay’s ability to generate high-quality threat intelligence, directly relevant to their environment surpassed third-party repositories.

As a paradigm shift, the team found liberation from mundane tasks, empowering them to focus on more critical aspects of cybersecurity. The more important tasks primarily revolved around proactively improving cyber resilience and ensuring clients remained impervious to similar threats in the future. This not only helped our customers improve the service they offer to their clients but also helped their own analysts and security teams to improve their skills on more strategic cybersecurity tasks.

“VMRay’s transformative impact liberated our team from mundane tasks, enabling us to strategically enhance cyber resilience while elevating our analysts’ skills in strategic cybersecurity.”

In addition to these, the customer, expressing newfound enthusiasm, lauded VMRay as the first sandbox that their team is genuinely excited to use. This positive analyst experience further solidified VMRay’s significance in improving their cybersecurity approach.

Conclusion: Setting the foundations of proactive security

In conclusion, VMRay not only resolved immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a proactive and resilient cybersecurity strategy. The extended partnership has not only enhanced the client’s service quality but also empowered their analysts to engage in more strategic, value-added cybersecurity tasks.

The journey signifies not just a solution to problems but a strategic collaboration shaping the future of cybersecurity for the Global Top 10 Technology brand.

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