User-reported phishing with VMRay

Prevent malicious emails from bypassing your point phishing solution?

94% of breaches are due to phishing attacks

Many enterprise phishing solutions today rely on known static threat libraries and AI analytics to identify suspicious patterns of behavior.

When email gateway detection results are inconclusive, a small percentage of malicious and damaging emails still manage to get through into the enterprise.

In large Enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of mailbox recipients, the number of potentially harmful phishing attacks reported by end-users can quickly reach unmanageable quantities.

Phishing emails are becoming more difficult to detect

Threat actors are increasingly using advanced techniques to ensure malicious mails evade primary phishing detection methodologies.

Manual triage is time consuming

Manual analysis of suspicious phishing emails for further triage by the SOC team can take up to an hour for a single email.

Third-Party Analysis is Required

Re-analyzing suspicious emails that bypass primary detection controls require deeper analysis by a third-party sandbox solution to better identify any possible threat.

The benefits of User-reported Phishing with VMRay

VMRay’s safe detonation and Machine Learning (ML) driven phishing analysis provides a definitive verdict with greater visibility into an email’s malicious actions.

Industry-leading detection of advanced threats

Best-in-class reputational, static, and dynamic analysis of phishing and credential harvesting related email attacks.

Safe detonation and deep analysis

VMRay’s deep content inspection, recursive link analysis, file attachment verdicts, Smart Link, and other detected web objects can quickly identify emails with malicious intent.

Shine a light on phishing blind spots

Automated responses to end-user submissions reduces phishing related calls to the SOC and speeds the triage process without utilizing critical SOC team resources.

The VMRay solution for user-reported phishing

VMRay’s Abuse Mailbox enables SOC teams to create a dedicated mailbox hosted by VMRay, allowing each organization’s employees to become part of the “detection fabric” of the enterprise.

Educate Users on Phishing Threats

End-user education has become an invaluable resource for helping to spot new and previously unseen phishing campaigns and malicious email threats.

Bridging The Technology Gap

User-reported phishing leverages the human element to bridge the gap left by the failure of point phishing solutions to identify advanced email attacks.

Auto-Forwarding of Phishing Threats

Via an Outlook plugin, any suspicious emails can be sent to VMRay by the end-user for a deep, third-party assessment with safe detonation and rapid analysis without direct involvement of scarce SOC resources.

Playbook Integration Further Automates Analysis

When orchestrated using a SOAR Playbook, a primary phishing solution can flag “suspicious” emails and automatically forward them via the SOAR to VMRay for further investigation and deeper analysis.

Start analyzing phishing threats with VMRay.

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