Build the most reliable and actionable threat intelligence.
Of your own.

What you can achieve with VMRay TotalInsight

VMRay TotalInsight enables organizations to build tailored threat intelligence against threat landscape they’re facing. 

Designed for use by elite security teams, TotalInsight offers a fully autonomous platform that harnesses the power of next-generation sandboxes to produce reliable threat intelligence.

The challenges of
CTI teams

New malware variants

It's becoming increasingly difficult for security teams to keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape. Manual analysis and downloading malware samples from various sources are time-consuming and unable to scale. This leads to a backlog of unanalyzed samples and missed threat actor campaigns.

More sophisticated threats

The increasing sophistication of malware strains requires a higher level of technical expertise, making it challenging for Threat Intelligence teams to keep up with the skillset required. The result is an increased risk of security incidents and potential damage to an organization’s reputation and bottom line.

The need for efficiency & automation

To address these challenges, there is a need for a more efficient, automated, and effective solution to automate the malware hunting process and extract the necessary information from the samples.

The benefits
of working with TotalInsight

Increase the efficiency
of malware analysis

Free your analysts from manual work required to extract C2 addresses from malware samples

Comprehensive yet scalable
threat intelligence

Accurate and in-depth, yet fast and scalable threat intelligence extraction against the latest threats.

Deep yet noise-free

Get an in-depth understanding of the malicious activities with the deep and noise-free IOCs and artifacts.

Reduce the risk of human error with fully autonomous dynamic analysis capabilities

Easy integration into existing threat intelligence platforms and repositories

Integrate seamlessly

See VMRay in action

Explore what you can do
with VMRay.

Check the full reports, explore the network connections, see the details on malicious behavior,  map the threat on MITRE ATT&CK Framework, download IOCs and artifacts, and much more.

Take the interactive tour

Watch analysis walkthrough videos

Check full sample reports

Build unique threat intelligence
against the malware and phishing threats
that your organization is facing

What makes VMRay different

Your search for the better

sandbox ends here.

Explore the magic that sets VMRay apart and above.
With 30+ cutting edge technologies, VMRay is based on the most powerful sandbox that remains invisible to even the most evasive malware.


Powered by the
most powerful sandbox.

Precision & accuracy
made in Germany


Your data is yours.
Ultimate privacy.

Full visibility into the threat

Being undetectable, VMRay’s dynamic analysis engine sees every interaction between malware and the target system including the threats that “good enough” sandboxes aren’t good enough to catch.

Clear & noise-free reports

VMRay's technologies can dive deep into the threat, but come back to the surface with clear reports that can be easily understood and act upon. Our clarity engine cuts the noise and gives you only what matters.

AI-supported phishing detection

VMRay is "the deep analysis solution" for phishing. Submit emails, attachments and URLs, and our dynamic analysis and machine learning modules deliver fast and reliable verdicts.
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