Threat Intelligence Extraction with VMRay

Cultivate Intelligence on targeted and previously unseen threats

The challenges of CTI teams

For Government agencies, military contractors and large organizations in industry, the breadth of intelligence from commercial threat feed sources is never enough to proactively maintain cyber-defenses.

Many organizations struggle to curate their own threat intelligence to identify and mitigate malware and phishing threats specifically targeting their organization or industry vertical.

Commercial Threat Feeds Lack Context

Current commercial threat data feeds do not provide complete, detailed intelligence to fully defend against previously unknown, specifically targeted, or custom crafted attacks.

Intelligence Curation is Not an Easy Task

Many organizations struggle to develop and maintain an authoritative, accurate source of threat intelligence relevant to their attack surface and protection needs.

Tactical Intelligence Demands Accuracy

Due to technology limitations, using generic or open-source malware sandbox solutions to generate accurate IOCs can be challenging, with differing results, incorrect verdicts, and overlooked IOC artifacts..

Polluting Repositories with False Data

Exporting misclassified artifacts into a third-party threat database may pollute the repository, leading to false alerts which may negatively impact production networks

The VMRay Solution for Threat Intelligence Extraction

Supplement existing threat intelligence repositories with target specific threat information.

Noise-free tactical IOCs

VMRay allows for the collection of threat intelligence by analyzing malware and phishing attacks down to the lowest level of code to extract noise free IOCs.

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Enhance operational threat intelligence with MITRE ATT&CK mapping to identify potential attack vectors and threat actor TTPs.

Mitigate zero-day threats faster

IOCs can be used by Detection Engineering Teams to diminish any current or future threat that expose organizational risk before any mitigating vendor signatures become available.

Exportable to central threat repositories

VMRay supports multiple formats for exporting IOCs to other security tools and threat repositories, including JSON, CSV and STIX 2.1.

The benefits of extracting threat intelligence with VMRay

Context to help understand an attack accurately.

Correlation of indicators from inside an environment with external threat data provides context to help understand the who, what, where, when why and how of an attack.

Stay one step ahead

VMRay provides evidentiary knowledge of threat indicators and their implications, with actionable information about an existing or emerging threat, to enable you to make informed decisions.

Keep infrastructure secure

Detection Engineering teams can quickly mitigate threats that pose a risk to their infrastructure using IOCs to create Firewall rules, detection signatures, and policy updates.

Maintain control of your data

On-premises deployment can ensure organizations maintain security and control of submitted samples and threat analysis data.

Support proactive threat hunting

With deep analysis of all critical IOCs and artifacts that may indicate compromise, Threat Hunting Teams can identify.

Integrate seamlessly

See VMRay in action

Explore what you can do with VMRay.

Check the full reports, explore the network connections, see the details on malicious behavior,  map the threat on MITRE ATT&CK Framework, download IOCs and artifacts, and much more.

Start curating threat intelligence against malware and phishing threats.

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