At VMRay, privacy is a fundamental aspect that sets us apart from the competition based on our commitment to safeguarding your data.

VMRay for Unrivaled Privacy

At VMRay, privacy is not just a buzzword – it’s a fundamental aspect that sets us apart from the competition.

Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data surpasses expectations, giving you complete peace of mind.

We Don’t Share your reports

Exclusive Ownership:

Unlike many competitors, we never share your analysis reports with any third-party organizations or threat intelligence feeds. With VMRay, your data remains strictly confidential.

We don’t use your Data

Absolute Data Secrecy

We take your privacy seriously, even to the extent that we keep your data secret from ourselves. We don’t use your data for any purpose, providing unparalleled data confidentiality and privacy assurance.

We Don’t Share your Data & IOCs

Comprehensive Data Privacy

We go beyond safeguarding your reports and extend our commitment to Protect your Data and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Your IOCs are never shared with any threat feed, maintaining the utmost privacy and security.

Tailored Privacy Options

Choose Your Data Hosting Location

Decide where your data resides. Select our US servers or opt for our servers in Germany, renowned for enforcing the strictest privacy measures. The choice is yours.

You decide where your data is hosted

Flexible Data Retention Policy

Exercise control over your data with our customizable data retention policy. From immediate removal after analysis to extended hosting, you have the power to determine how long your data remains on our servers.

You decide how long your data is hosted

Cloud and On-premise Deployment Options

For organizations seeking the utmost control and data sovereignty, our on-premise deployment option is the perfect fit. Keep your data entirely within your own infrastructure, ensuring unparalleled privacy and security.

You decide on deployment options

Best Practices for Platform Privacy

Single Sign-On


Multi-Factor Authentication


Role-Based Account Control


Improve cyber-resilience without compromising the privacy of your data

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