Accelerate malware alert investigation with SOAR integration

Accelerate alert investigations by automating Tier 1 and Tier 2 malware triage of suspicious SOAR alerts.


Overcoming the challenges of evasive malware threatss

For traditional security stack deployments, zero-day malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and targeted phishing attacks can be especially difficult to detect and analyze.

Third party validation is critical to ensuring that suspicious threats are not dismissed as false positives and released back into the enterprise.

Lack of SOC automation & 3rd-party integration

SOC’s require solutions that do a much better job of recognizing false positives, flagging duplicates, and correlating alerts to assist in threat escalation help minimize alert fatigue and maintain sustainable SOC operations.

Manual alert triage is time & resource intensive

Security practitioners and Analysts are overwhelmed with “suspicious” malware alerts – either genuine malicious activity or false positives – which cost valuable time and precious skilled resources to determine.

Alert fatigue impacts incident resolution

With high volumes of “suspicious” malware alerts to triage, security practitioners and Analysts can experience alert fatigue. High volumes of alerts cause desensitization to the resources tasked with responding to alerts often leading to missed or ignored alerts or delayed responses to critical incidents.

The VMRay Solution for SOAR Alert Investigations

SOAR solutions automate incident investigation workflows and task assignments. In turn, VMRay speeds the investigation process and ultimately reduces the Mean Time to Detect and Respond (MTTD/MTTR) to critical incidents.

Enriching incident data with operational threat intelligence

VMRay’s malware alert triage enriches SOAR incident data with accurate, collated reporting and increased operational threat intelligence. Prioritized IOCs and malware artifacts identified by VMRay assist in threat hunting, detection engineering, and other threat mitigation tasks.

Automate false positive filter lists to reduce alert fatigue

By automating malware alert triage, VMRay provides a definitive verdict to facilitate the automation of accurate SOAR Alert blacklisting or whitelisting of true and false positives to identify legitimate threats.

Improve automated responses with SOAR alert triage

Integrated as part of a SOAR Malware playbook, actions such as remediation, quarantining, or forensic snapshots can be automated – based on a definitive verdict from VMRay – ensuring legitimate end-user activity does not impact business productivity.

The benefits of integrating VMRay into SOAR workflows

Definitive verdicts support accurate, automated decisions


EDR and XDR solutions when combined with a SIEM or SOAR solution can correlate data across a broader spectrum of disparate security devices, including endpoint, network activity. With VMRay, definitive malware verdicts support assured, automated remediation actions.

Faster verdicts and IOCs for advanced threat hunting

VMRay provides a final, definitive verdict on “suspicious” malware alerts with detailed analysis and ready-to-use IOCs for advanced threat hunters.

Actionable intelligence to mitigate threats

Enrich SOAR incident tickets and case walls with accurate reporting and increased operational threat intelligence in the form of prioritized IOCs and artifacts.

API integration enhances incident repositories

With full API integration, VMRay provides accurate identification of known and previously unknown threats with each analysis imported directly into a SOAR’s centralized incident repository.

Proactively reduce
attacker dwell time

Automated SOAR playbook responses can make remedial actions to include quarantining systems involved in an attack and preventing access to vulnerable resources without impacting legitimate end-user productivity.

Integrate seamlessly

Start automating
alert investigations for SOAR.

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