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A Strategic Alliance in Proactive Cybersecurity for a European Intra-Governmental Organization

Read the story of a European intra-governmental organization in the search for strategic independence with tailored threat intelligence.

Strategic independence: A government body’s pursuit for generating tailored Threat Intelligence

Introducing our esteemed customer, an influential intra-governmental organization based in Europe.

With an extensive network comprising approximately 50,000 endpoints, spanning both Windows and MacOS devices, their commitment to cybersecurity is of paramount importance. Opting for our on-prem deployment option, they retain control and store data securely within their own servers.

In their quest for an advanced threat analysis solution, this organization meticulously assessed their needs and established three critical criteria for selection:

  • Evasion-Resistance: A crucial requirement to detect and analyze evasive and sophisticated threats effectively.
  • Seamless Integrations: The capability to seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure, enabling the automatic transfer of samples for analysis and the direct forwarding of analysis results to their threat intelligence tools.
  • Actionable Insights: Beyond the depth of analysis, they sought clarity in the reports, emphasizing the significance of obtaining actionable data.

This marks the inception of our collaboration, and we are proud to support this organization in fortifying their cybersecurity posture and safeguarding their extensive network.

Clarity in complexity: How VMRay’s evasion resistance became a shield

Our journey with the client began with their strategic decision to leverage VMRay as their sandboxing choice for the manual analysis of challenging malware threats.

The quality and efficacy of VMRay’s analysis became immediately apparent to the organization. A standout feature that resonated profoundly with the client was VMRay’s unparalleled evasion resistance. This became a linchpin in their satisfaction as they successfully navigated the complexities of previously unknown, uncommon, and sophisticated threats. Evasion techniques, often employed by malware to confound traditional analysis tools, were efficiently countered by the sophisticated technologies embedded within VMRay. This capability allowed the client not just to scratch the surface but to delve deep into the actual behavior and true nature of each malware threat.

The importance of this evasion-resistant capability cannot be overstated. In a landscape where the camouflage of malware threats makes it arduous for analysis tools to discern their real face, VMRay’s technologies emerged as a beacon of clarity and effectiveness.

Beyond the intricacies of the analysis, the clarity of the reports was a focal point. The documentation provided by VMRay played a pivotal role in translating the depth of analysis into actionable insights. Clear and understandable reports not only facilitated incident response but also empowered the organization for proactive defense activities such as detection engineering and threat hunting.

“VMRay’s unparalleled analysis quality not only empowered us to conquer previously unknown threats with evasion resistance but inspired the expansion of our utilization into automated security workflows.”


Head of Computer Security & Incident Response Capability

In essence, VMRay’s role transcended that of a mere tool; it became a strategic enabler, fortifying the client’s cybersecurity posture and equipping them to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence.

Fortifying cyber resilience: How VMRay powers in-house Threat Intelligence

In their pursuit of proactive cybersecurity, our client leverages VMRay’s powerful analysis to fortify their in-house threat intelligence platform. The organization, an intra-governmental entity overseeing a vast network of 50,000 endpoints, recognized the need for reliable and actionable threat intelligence against evolving malware and phishing threats.

VMRay’s analysis quality played a pivotal role in shaping their security stance to safeguard member governments and connected organizations from emerging cyber threats by extracting relevant and reliable threat intelligence on the threats that they are actually facing in their systems.

“VMRay’s analysis, known for its reliability and precision, has become the cornerstone of our robust security posture, enabling us to build actionable threat intelligence against the specific threats we face.“


Head of Computer Security & Incident Response Capability

As a strategic enabler, VMRay’s analysis not only met their demand for clarity, scalability, and reliability but also addressed the need for actionable data in reusable and shareable formats. The client’s emphasis on sharing their security posture with other connected organizations underscored the importance of VMRay’s output being accessible and interpretable. The support for commonly used frameworks and file formats, such as JSON and automatic mapping on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, enhances the client’s ability to achieve strategic goals.

The integration capabilities seamlessly feed IOCs, especially crucial for unknown and uncommon threats, directly into their in-house threat intelligence tool. By building a robust threat intelligence framework, the client not only protects their organization from targeted attacks but also contributes to enhancing the cyber resilience of the broader network of connected public organizations.

From alerts to action: VMRay’s role in streamlining security automation

Embarking on the journey of security automation, our client seamlessly integrated VMRay into their EDR and SOAR tools, bringing unprecedented efficiency to their security operations processes.

Faced with a deluge of tens of thousands of alerts daily from their EDR system, the direct channel to VMRay’s analysis not only showcased remarkable performance but also demonstrated exceptional scalability. The pivotal enabler here is the trust instilled by VMRay’s analysis, providing the necessary confidence to activate security automation based on reliable inputs.

The client harnessed VMRay’s accurate and dependable verdicts to automate their incident response processes via their SOAR tool. The critical factor was the unwavering trust in the analysis results, serving as the linchpin for feeding these results directly into their SOAR-driven incident response playbooks. The seamless integration between VMRay and their SOAR tool not only ensured the reliability of inputs but also emphasized the importance of integration performance, stability, and scalability for security automation.

The extension of our client’s use of VMRay platform by adding automated uses cases echoes the transformative power of pairing trust in analysis with robust integrations.

VMRay’s Customer Support: precision and proficiency

Thriving on technical excellence, our client commends VMRay’s exceptional customer support. The team’s profound technical expertise shines through as they adeptly navigate intricate and highly technical challenges. Accurate, precise, and to-the-point, our support empowers the client to seamlessly tackle sophisticated malware and phishing intricacies.

Whether delving into the intricacies of integration configuration or unraveling complex issues, VMRay’s customer support emerges as a vital ally, ensuring the client’s security operations remain robust and resilient.

Conclusion: Strengthening cyber resilience through strategic collaboration

Throughout this collaborative journey, three critical selection criteria—evasion resistance, seamless integrations, and actionable insights—have defined the organization’s strategic approach. VMRay’s unparalleled evasion-resistant capabilities have not only illuminated the complexities of previously unknown threats but have also provided clarity amidst the cybersecurity landscape’s intricacies. The clarity and precision of VMRay’s analysis reports have empowered the organization to proactively defend against emerging threats and enhance its incident response capabilities.

Moreover, VMRay’s role as a strategic enabler extends beyond threat analysis; it encompasses the organization’s ability to build its own threat intelligence against the specific threats it faces. By leveraging VMRay’s powerful analysis, the organization fortifies its in-house threat intelligence platform, extracting reliable and actionable insights tailored to its unique security landscape. VMRay’s support for commonly used frameworks and file formats, coupled with seamless integration capabilities, enables the organization to share its security posture with connected entities, contributing to the broader network’s cyber resilience.

In essence, VMRay transcends its role as a mere tool; it becomes a strategic enabler, fortifying the organization’s cybersecurity resilience and equipping it to navigate the evolving threat landscape with confidence.

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