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Elevate your cybersecurity expertise with VMRay Academy's self-paced training in malware analysis and phishing detection. Designed for SOC teams and cybersecurity professionals, our hands-on courses equip you with the critical skills to identify and mitigate advanced threats.

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Introducing VMRay Academy:

Cybersecurity training tailored for SOC teams, security analysts and enthusiasts.

Unlock transformative learning to combat evolving threats:

Welcome to VMRay Academy—the premier platform tailoring malware and phishing analysis mastery for SOC teams, analysts, and cyber enthusiasts.

Dive into a comprehensive curriculum blending theory and practice:

Courses spanning alert handling, automation, deep analysis, incident response, proactive defense, and threat intelligence, developed by pioneers with elite insights.

Elevate expertise, fortify against formidable challenges:

Engage vital skills for cybersecurity's dynamic landscape through actionable content. Master alerts, threat dissection, and robust intelligence.

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