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VMRay Analyzer – The Legacy in Malware Sandboxing

Transitioning from VMRay Sandbox Solutions

We understand and value the trust that you have placed in our VMRay Analyzer product over the years, which has consistently provided best-in-breed malware sandboxing capabilities. However, with the recent launch of our innovative product lineup – DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, and TotalInsight – we have discontinued Analyzer. This shift in focus allows us to pioneer new functionalities that may not have been included in legacy plans.

Rest assured, we will continue to provide support for existing VMRay Analyzer customers, ensuring a seamless experience while you consider transitioning to our newer solutions.
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Unveiling DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, TotalInsight
– The Evolution of Analyzer

Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Malware and Phishing Threat Needs

Building upon the robust foundation of the VMRay platform, we introduce our new products – DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, and TotalInsight. These products offer diverse plans, address unique usage behaviors, and deliver advanced malware sandboxing and phishing threat analysis capabilities.

DeepResponse – Accelerating Malware Analysis and Sandboxing

 ✓ Enhanced malware analysis through manual submissions via the Console.

✓ Dynamic analysis of multiple malware samples on various operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux) with extensive configuration options.

 ✓ Designed to reduce incident response times and improve threat-hunting ROI.

Discover more about DeepResponse’s malware sandboxing capabilities

FinalVerdict – Timely Insights into Malware and Phishing Threats

 ✓ Seamless integration into your SOC with automatic sample submission via API for advanced threat response.

 ✓ Built-in EDR and SOAR connectors to automate triage of malware-related alerts and phishing threats.

 ✓ Ideal for large enterprises and MSSPs for increased SOC effectiveness.

Explore FinalVerdict’s advanced malware and phishing analysis capabilities.

TotalInsight – Tailored Threat Intelligence against threats you’re facing

 ✓ High-volume dynamic analysis, configuration extraction, IOC scoring technologies, & API-first approach for in-depth analysis.

 ✓ Robust API integrations with numerous Threat Intelligence platforms and cybersecurity frameworks.

 ✓ Enables actionable insights into malware families, even from the most evasive malware samples.

Learn more about
TotalInsight’s dynamic
analysis capabilities.

Unlimited Plans
for Scaling Needs

Flexible and Customer-Centric

With our new product portfolio, we offer unlimited plans and the ability to switch between products to fit the evolving needs of our customers.

As of the 2023.2.0 update, products can be licensed for both Cloud and On-Prem customers.
VMRay Platform now supports static and dynamic analysis of Linux executables.

Embrace Advanced Linux Malware Analysis
with Our New Portfolio

Transitioning Beyond the Capabilities of Analyzer

With the evolution from our legacy product VMRay Analyzer, we’ve expanded our offerings to address emerging challenges in cybersecurity, including Linux malware analysis.

Our new product portfolio includes advanced features to tackle Linux-based threats, which were previously not available with our Analyzer plans.

Join Our Journey into the
Future of Malware Analysis
and Phishing Protection

Our new product offerings are designed to help you address all sorts of malware analysis, phishing protection, and SOC-related challenges, improving your productivity and efficacy. Join us on our ongoing journey.
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