Transitioning from VMRay Sandbox Solutions:
We deeply value your trust in VMRay Analyzer, our flagship malware sandboxing solution. To prioritize innovation in cybersecurity, we’re introducing DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, and TotalInsight, leading us to discontinue Analyzer. Rest assured, existing customers will receive full support during their transition to our latest solutions.
VMRay Analyzer

The Legacy in Malware Sandboxing

Unveiling DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, TotalInsight – The Evolution of Analyzer

Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Malware and Phishing Threat Needs
Building upon the robust foundation of the VMRay platform, we introduce our new products – DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, and TotalInsight. These products offer diverse plans, address unique usage behaviors, and deliver advanced malware sandboxing and phishing threat analysis capabilities.

DeepResponse – Accelerating Malware Analysis and Sandboxing

Discover more about DeepResponse’ malware sandboxing capabilities

FinalVerdict – Timely Insights into Malware and Phishing Threats

Explore FinalVerdict’s advanced malware & phishing analysis capabilities

TotalInsight – Tailored Threat Intelligence against evolving threats

Learn more aboutTotalInsight’s dynamic analysis capabilities

Unlimited Plans for Scaling Needs

Flexible and Customer-Centric:

Filter out the noise and get fast and reliable verdicts with the single source of truth to activate effective security automation rules and playbooks. Mitigate the effects of alert fatigue and skills shortage on your SOC team.

As of the 2023.2.0 update, products can be licensed for both Cloud and On-Prem customers.

Embrace Advanced Linux Malware Analysis with Our New Portfolio

Transitioning Beyond the Capabilities of Analyzer

With the evolution from our legacy product VMRay Analyzer, we’ve expanded our offerings to address emerging challenges in cybersecurity, including Linux malware analysis.


Our new product portfolio includes advanced features to tackle Linux-based threats, which were previously not available with our Analyzer plans.

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