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Building unique Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
tailored to fit your specific challenges

Equip your security team with actionable insights in building accurate threat intelligence tailored to the challenges and threats you actually face.


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape fraught with sophisticated threats, this course equips you with the practical insights, strategies, and tools to navigate the complex realm of cyber threat intelligence. 

Through four distinct sections, we delve deep into the the intricacies of CTI, starting with the fundamentals and types of intelligence, and the pivotal role it plays in empowering SOC teams. We then explore the challenges and solutions in extracting accurate and relevant intelligence combining external and internal sources, leading to a profound understanding of threats. 

Our course also unveils the transformative potential of advanced malware and phishing analysis in shaping a proactive defense strategy. Finally, we address the paramount importance of privacy and safeguarding your valuable information while building your tailor-made threat intelligence. 

Join us in this journey to not only enhance your security posture but also redefine your approach to threat intelligence.

Table of Contents

Section 1

The Fundamentals of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Discover the foundational elements driving the realm of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). In today’s evolving digital landscape, proactive defense is essential, and CTI plays a pivotal role. Chapter 1 delves into CTI’s significance for national security and military operations, while Chapter 2 defines its strategic, tactical, and operational aspects. Explore the intricacies of CTI’s categories and differentiate between threat data, information, and intelligence.

Equip yourself with insights that empower informed decisions and shape robust defense strategies against dynamic cyber threats.

Section 2

Prioritizing Accuracy and Relevance: Elevating Threat Intelligence for Fact-Based Defense

Learn how to go beyond generic threat data and sculpt precision in your defense strategies. Chapter 3 uncovers the limitations of external threat intelligence sources, shedding light on the need for relevant and tailored insights that align with your unique threat landscape. Explore the path to bridging the intelligence gap with internally extracted threat information, empowering your security operations with actionable data beyond what external sources can provide. In Chapter 4, craft an effective Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) framework tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Discover the strategic guidance that maximizes CTI relevance, ensuring that your defense strategy extends beyond mere accumulation to precise and impactful application. 

Join us in exploring the synergy between externally sourced intelligence and self-generated insights, and the importance of ensuring high resistance against evasive threats to forge a future-ready CTI framework.

Section 3

Crafting Clear Insights from Complex Malware and Phishing Threats

In this section, we discuss the  crucial role of advanced malware and phishing threat analysis in enhancing threat intelligence. 

Chapter 5 explores why you need best-of-breed analysis solutions to that not only makes deep analysis but also generates clear insights to help your organization harness actionable threat intelligence. In Chapter 6, we spotlight how the right analysis solution can help you build reliable, unique, and relevant threat intelligence by transforming raw data into strategic actions for robust and proactive defense.

Section 4

Why Privacy Matters when Building  Threat Intelligence and How to Ensure Ultimate Privacy

Discover the paramount significance of privacy in the realm of cybersecurity with Section 4. This section delves into the profound essence of safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality. In a digital landscape where data security is non-negotiable, VMRay emerges as the guardian of trust, redefining privacy’s role in advanced malware and phishing analysis.

With an unwavering commitment to keeping your data exclusively yours, VMRay shatters conventional norms, offering an extraordinary level of ownership and control. Unveil the unparalleled privacy features that make VMRay a beacon of data sovereignty, setting new benchmarks in the protection of your invaluable information.

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Analysis of a malicious file

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Analysis of a malicious URL

Join Andrey Voitenko, an expert in advanced malware and phishing analysis from the VMRay team, as he demonstrates how to submit emails and URLs to the VMRay platform using built-in connectors.

Discover the capabilities of our new Automation Dashboard, enabling one-click automation with your existing EDR, SOAR, SIEM, and TIP tools. Monitor analysis data seamlessly from your VMRay dashboard and unlock new levels of efficiency in your security operations.

Integrating with existing tools

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Dive into the overview, explore intricate network connections, analyze malicious behavior in detail, and map threats using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. See the possibilities to download clear IOCs.

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