Chapter 3: 4 Benefits of Threat Analysis on Threat Hunting

Maximize the Potential of Threat Hunting: Leveraging the Benefits of Threat Analysis

Discover a world of possibilities with threat analysis and harness its potential to supercharge your threat hunting endeavors. VMRay empowers you with advanced capabilities to extract actionable threat intelligence and derive meaningful insights.

Here are four key benefits that threat analysis brings to the table.

1. Contextualize the threats detected in your environment:

Context is everything. By thoroughly analyzing threats, you gain the ability to contextualize existing risks within your environment. Whether it’s scrutinizing files discovered in your network, investigating targeted campaigns, or examining individual threats, the holistic view provided by threat analysis allows you to go beyond raw indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Say goodbye to isolated data points and welcome a comprehensive understanding of the “So what?” question.

2. Enhance alert enrichment against unknown threats:

Seamlessly integrate threat analysis into your Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) playbooks. Uncover previously unseen malware and understand its behavior to expedite and enhance your alert enrichment processes.

By leveraging the insights gained through threat analysis, you can optimize incident response, effectively minimizing the dwell time of threats.

3. Identify TTP shifts of malware families

Malware families are constantly evolving their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). With threat analysis as an integral part of your threat intelligence and hunting programs, you gain the advantage of early detection. Monitor and adapt to the shifting landscape, identifying emerging threats and modifying your defenses accordingly.

By proactively countering evolving TTPs, you fortify your security posture.

4. Automate high-fidelity IOC sharing at scale

Efficiency is our friend, and false positives are the enemy. VMRay’s automation capabilities enable you to maximize the efficiency of your threat-hunting activities. Automate the sharing of extracted IOCs from malware findings with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), SOAR, or Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) tools.

By eliminating the burden of sifting through false positive alerts and focusing on genuine threats,
you reclaim valuable time and resources.

How VMRay’s capabilities can help your threat hunting program

Experience the power of VMRay’s advanced threat analysis solutions, transforming threat intelligence into actionable insights. You can unlock new dimensions of threat hunting, where precision, efficiency, and context converge to propel your security operations to new heights. Our clear and noise-free reports with all the insights you need (but only what you need) can help you outsmart adversaries and protect what matters most to your organization.

Our powerful platform enables security teams to analyze files more efficiently, reducing the expertise barrier and streamlining the time required to maintain an effective analysis environment. Whether it’s examining malicious Shell Link files or other threats discussed in this course, VMRay empowers you to work smarter and faster.