Malware Sandboxing: Deployment Options

Cloud, On-Premise, Managed Service or a Mix of All?

Malware sandboxes play a key role in advanced threat detection and incident response. To derive maximum value from your investment in sandboxing technology, make sure you allow enough time to evaluate the different deployment options available to you, and carefully consider their resource implications, such as implementation time, implementation cost, as well as staff resources needed to manage and maintain the sandboxing solution.

There are four main deployment models: managed in-house by your own security staff as an on-premise solution, managed in-house by your own security staff as a cloud-based solution, outsourced to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and lastly, a hybrid approach combining different elements of the above. Each scenario has its pros and cons, so be sure you fully understand how they will work in your existing environment.

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