Complete Detection of Advanced Threats

Detect Advanced Threats, Zero-Days, Targeted Attacks, Phishing, Malware and More

Leveraging a combination of reputation, static analysis and a best-of-breed malware sandbox, VMRay delivers fully automated, advanced threat detection at scale, with no human intervention required. VMRay Analyzer not only catches advanced threats other solutions miss. It also fills known security gaps in traditional detection tools.


We Detect What Others Miss

Many security solutions fall short in their ability to rapidly detect the full range of threats, especially advanced malware and phishing attacks.

Analysis Built for Security Teams - Detection of Advanced Threats for CISOs

Clear Insights – Fast Reaction

VMRay’s concise, accurate results take the form of a verdict that indicates whether a file or URL is malicious or not. The verdict also categorizes the type of threat (ransomware, dropper, downloader, or adware). Shared in machine-readable form, this information can be safely used by diverse tools to automate block/allow decisions and inform other security measures and policies.


VMRay’s Advanced Threat Detection is Made Possible by a Unique Combination of Capabilities:

  • Consolidated analysis: reputation, static, dynamic and web analysis
  • True evasion resistance, which makes VMRay virtually invisible, even to highly evasive malware
  • Full visibility into malware behavior, due to threats fully executing in the VMRay malware sandbox
  • Easy integration with high-volume threat submission sources, such as email gateways, EDR, and SIEM
  • Hyperscaling technology for high performance with low resource requirements

Advanced Threat Detection Resources

Strategies for Detecting Unknown Threats

Learn how the VMRay supplemental approach will fill the gaps in your environment.


Defeating Evasive Malware

Learn about the primary methods threat actors use to evade sandbox detection.


A Single Pane of Glass for High-Volume Threat Detection and Analysis

Be better equipped to manage the increasing volume of advanced threats


We are your Advanced Threat Detection Partner

From initial contact to successful implementation, we support you every step of the way with complete support, comprehensive documentation (over 1500 pages in HTML and PDF format), and leading-edge research: constantly updating you about the latest threats, from our VMRay Labs Team.