IBM Resilient

VMRay & IBM Resilient SecOpos Automation Integration

IBM Resilient: Get better Verdicts & Threat Intelligence with VMRay Analyzer

IBM Resilient’s mission is to help organizations thrive in the face of any cyber attack or business crisis. The award-winning Incident Response Platform (IRP) empowers security teams to analyze, respond to and mitigate incidents faster, smarter and more efficiently. Part of IBM Security, the Resilient IRP also integrates security technologies into a single hub and provides easy workflow customization and process automation. With Resilient, security teams can have best-in-class response capabilities. Resilient has more than 300 global customers, including 50 of the Fortune 500 and partners in more than 20 countries.


How Our Integration Works
The VMRay – IBM Resilient Connector enables users to design dynamic playbooks that involve analyzing a file in VMRay Analyzer, retrieving the analysis results and viewing the associated analysis reports. Dynamic playbooks powered by the VMRay – IBM Resilient Connector help accelerate incident response and drive down the average time to remediation.


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