VMRay Analyzer Rated 5-Stars

“VMRay Analyzer is a powerful, moderately easy to use, reasonably-priced tool for analysts who don’t want to do manual analysis but want the benefit of full information.”

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How VMRay Analyzer Works

See how our agentless hypervisor-based monitoring approach analyzes and detects threats that other approaches can’t.

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Our Statement on Spectre and Meltdown

Spectre and Meltdown are attack methodologies enabled by fundamental processor design principles. In particular, they exploit unwanted side effects of caching, speculative/out-of-order execution, and branch target prediction. These features are part of most modern CPUs (Intel, AMD, ARM) and were widely introduced into production in the 1990s to enhance performance. As a result, the performance […]

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VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap – December ’17

Welcome to the VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap. Every month our Research Team provides a recap of the malware analysis reports posted to the VMRay Twitter account. This past December, our team analyzed a variant of Globeimposter ransomware, a Windows Script File (WSF) that downloads a payload to set-up a server to accept incoming connections […]

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Risky Business Podcast: Using VMRay Analyzer for Incident Response

Recently, VMRay sponsored the 480th episode of the popular weekly information security podcast, Risky Business. On the podcast, Incident Response Expert Koen Van Impe, spoke to host Patrick Gray about how he uses VMRay Analyzer for automated malware analysis. Koen gave a great overview of the real-world challenges IR practitioners face and how automated analysis can […]

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