SANS Product Review

Read how VMRay Analyzer can be an integral part of your incident response team’s toolkit for analyzing and detecting malware in SANS Analyst, Matt Bromiley’s in-depth review.

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How VMRay Analyzer Works

See how our agentless hypervisor-based monitoring approach analyzes and detects threats that other approaches can’t.

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The Evolution of Gandcrab Ransomware

Like legitimate commercial software, commercial malware also needs a viable business model. For ransomware, the most popular business model is now Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). RaaS focuses on selling ransomware as an easy-to-use service, opening up a broader market of non-technical attackers. Many ransomware developers now focus on developing and maintaining a service which allows their affiliates […]

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Beyond the EU, GDPR Creates New Risks and Obligations

At the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco, I spent a good deal of time meeting with VMRay partners to discuss their preparations for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation, which takes effect on May 25, creates a new framework for safeguarding the personal data and privacy rights of European Union (EU) citizens. […]

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Risky Business Podcast: VMRay Analyzer 2.2’s Unparalleled Usability & Seamless High-Volume Analysis

VMRay’s agentless hypervisor-based analyzer was featured on the latest Snake Oilers episode of the Risky Business podcast. I spoke to host Patrick Gray about the guiding philosophy for VMRay Analyzer 2.2: to deliver unparalleled usability and effectiveness for all DFIR specialists and malware analysts, regardless of skill level. We also discussed VMRay’s use case for […]

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