A Smarter, Stealthier Malware Sandbox

VMRay offers unparalleled evasion resistance, letting you analyze and detect malware that other solutions miss. We give you the advantage, no matter what your priority:

“The level of detail provided for each analysis is truly impressive. We could fine-tune analysis parameters and interact during detonation to make sure that we captured the behavior we needed. VMRay Analyzer really feels like a professional tool compared to other community-based sandboxes we experienced.”

Marc-André Gagnon, Senior Advisor, Cyber Threat Intelligence, National Bank of Canada

Adi Peretz, Head of Threat Research, CyberInt

Matt Peters, CTO, Expel

“With VMRay we can provide faster answers when customers ask, ‘What should I do right now to contain the damage and get rid of the malware while ensuring it doesn’t come back?’”

Tilman Frosch, Managing Director, G DATA Advanced Analytics

“Carbon Black’s customers are targeted by some of the most evasive and advanced malware around. Our team uses VMRay Analyzer to provide deep analysis and insights that surpass what we’ve seen from other sandboxing technologies.”

Paul Drapeau, Principal Security Researcher, Carbon Black

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