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Goldeneye Ransomware Uses COM to Execute Malicious JavaScript

There is a new ransomware going wild in Germany called Goldeneye, which is a variant of Petya. It’s targeting German-speaking users via email by attaching an application (Bewerbung) in Excel format (xls). At the time we started analyzing the Goldeneye malware, VirusTotal scored 9/54, but the score varied for different attachments, some were as low […]

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Hancitor Uses Microsoft Word to Deliver Malware

There have been several variants of the Hancitor malware family seen in the wild over the past several months. Recently, Carbon Black, a VMRay integration partner, provided an in-depth analysis of a specific strain of the Hancitor Malware family that uses a Microsoft calendar identifier to deliver malware to unsuspecting users. We did a full analysis in […]

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Threat intelligence sharing with MISP and VMRay

Sharing is caring. Nowhere is this more true than for defenders that need to be able to quickly and seamlessly share critical information about malware and the attackers behind them. In the jargon of our industry that means using TIPs (Threat Intelligence Platforms) to ingest, export and correlate IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) and the TTPs (Tactics, […]

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