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Sandbox Evasion Techniques – Part 1

This post is the first part in a series on sandbox evasion techniques used by malware today. After this primer, in subsequent posts we’ll drill down deeper into the details for each of the three main categories of evasion techniques. The use of malware analysis sandboxes as the silver bullet against advanced, persistent threats became […]

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Inside the JAR Archive file structure

Malware uses Java Archive (JAR)

What’s old is new again – Malware uses two-decade old technology to evade detection Say what you will about cybercriminals, there is surely no corner of the tech world that embraces fast innovation better.  They certainly have the motivation. Their payoff only occurs once malware jumps through multiple hurdles, bypassing and evading whatever security barriers our industry […]

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Malicious Word doc VTI score

Malicious Word doc uses ActiveX to infect

A malicious Word doc was recently shared with us that used just about every trick in the book to infect a machine yet initially had zero detections on VirusTotal. At the time of this blog post, detections had improved somewhat to a less-than-impressive 2/55:   Likewise, the file was unknown on Metadefender, submitting it for analysis showed […]

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