More malware, more targeted attacks

Between 100,000 and 250,000 complex malware are created daily by sophisticated, well-financed development teams with the sole intent to attack, spy, and disrupt.

Legacy malware protection can’t keep up

Enterprises count on automated malware analysis systems to protect from these threats. They can exemalware_trendcute suspicious software in an isolated environment and monitor interaction with the host systems and networks; they detect and enumerate all malicious behavior. However, when dealing with the quantity and quality of malware today, these systems are rendered inefficient. They can be easily detected and evaded and are partially blind to modern malicious behavior. Performance bottlenecks further hinder effective response. Because the window of vulnerability is opened for a much longer period of time, highly sensitive information can be stolen undetected at potentially huge cost and risk to the targeted enterprise.


VMRay Analyzer – Agentless hypervisor-based malware analysis

VMRay Analyzer provides best-in-class threat detection and mitigation capabilities,  ensuring fast and powerful defense against today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. And, unlike traditional malware analysis systems, VMRay Analyzer cannot be evaded by malware. Read more about how our hypervisor-based approach makes analysis and detection of malware possible without modifying the target environment or watch the video: