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VMRay reduces the workload of manual analyses by 90%

In Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR), every second counts. In CSERT organizations, the clarity, speed, and effectiveness of incident response is closely linked to the quality of reporting that is generated from analysis results.

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With auto-forwarding feature, VMRay automatically scans and detonates phishing emails. The time needed by the analyst to analyze phishing is nearly halved from 4 to 2 hours, which saves precious time to focus on our strategic tasks on improving our defenses.
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Brad Marr | CISO & Senior Director
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VMRay is our deep analysis that has helped us reduce the workload of our manual analyses by 90%, from 1000s to 100s per day.
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The Challenges:

Results that contain up to 90% noise, which dilutes the focused data analysts need to quickly address a specific threat
Fail to Detect
In case your security contols missed something: False negatives that fail to detect harmful breaches
False Positives
In case your security contols were mistaken: False positives that trigger investigations of trivial or non-existent threats

The Solution:
Accelerate Incident Response with VMRay Analyzer

The Benefits:

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