Chapter 10: Deciphering GuLoader and XMRig: Unmasking evasion tactics

In this chapter, we will dive into two practical examples that demonstrate how the VMRay platform effectively detects evasion techniques employed by malware.

These real-world demonstrations illustrate VMRay’s superior capabilities in identifying and analyzing sophisticated and evasive threats.

Evasion techniques of GuLoader malware

The first example centers around GuLoader malware, a loader known for its adeptness at bypassing security controls and delivering malicious payloads. GuLoader employs various anti-analysis techniques, such as unaligned system calls and checks for the presence of debuggers or virtualized environments, to evade traditional security measures.

The video will provide a glimpse into the analysis report, showcasing VMRay’s ability to uncover and counter these evasion tactics. Join us as we uncover how VMRay’s advanced sandboxing technology triumphs over GuLoader’s evasion attempts.

Evasion techniques of XMRig

In the following demonstration, we’ll delve into the intricate world of XMRig, a multifaceted malware that operates both as a cryptocurrency miner and a stealer. XMRig exhibits a wide array of evasion techniques, making it a challenging adversary for traditional security systems.

From manipulating system time to elongate its dormancy period to outsmarting attempts to detect debuggers, antivirus software, or virtualized environments, XMRig employs a comprehensive arsenal of tactics to evade scrutiny. Our analysis will unveil the intricacies of this malware, shedding light on VMRay’s exceptional capability to dissect and counter its evasion strategies. Witness how VMRay’s advanced sandbox technology deciphers the complexities of XMRig and exposes its hidden behaviors, providing invaluable insights into its malicious activities.

In the comprehensive exploration of XMRig, we will uncover not only its efforts to avoid detection through anti-analysis and persistence mechanisms but also its relentless quest to identify the presence of various security and sandboxing tools. As we examine these multifaceted evasion techniques, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the sophistication that modern malware employs to evade detection.