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According to Forrester, there will be 2 million job vacancies in the cybersecurity sector by 2022. This reality is the impetus for greater efficiency and achieving a significant improvement in the “signal to noise” ratio that security teams are dealing with. Automating malware analysis and detection on a large scale
Israeli cybersecurity company CyberInt provides Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services using an innovative approach that leverages both inside-out and outside-in visibility into a customer’s infrastructure. We’ve recently partnered with CyberInt to provide their customers with rapid detection at scale for the tens of thousands of malware samples they see

Using VMRay Analyzer to get a full picture of attacker activity Tyler Fornes, a Senior Security Analyst at Expel, explains how his team uses VMRay Analyzer to quickly analyze suspicious or malicious files that have been identified in a client’s environment. The most significant result: Investigation times can be cut

“The information VMRay Analyzer surfaced was exactly what we needed.” A little while ago our team traveled down to Herndon, VA to visit the offices of our partner Expel and hear first hand how they were using our technology for their MSSP offering. Expel’s CTO Matt Peters explained to us

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