Why do we need Machine Learning in cybersecurity and how can it help? Machine Learning Blog Post Series – 3 By Shazia Saqib MACHINE LEARNING BLOG SERIES Machine Learning & Cybersecurity – An Introduction The main concepts of AI and Machine Learning Data – The fuel that powers Machine Learning

Blog Series The Main Concepts of AI and Machine Learning Why do we need Machine Learning in Cybersecurity, and how can it help? Data: The fuel that powers Machine Learning AI is everywhere. Its usage is most often connected with virtual assistants such as Cortana or Siri for example or

Malware Analysis Spotlight: Tried and Tested – Smoke Loader By the VMRay Labs Team Smoke Loader is a downloader which is capable of downloading and deploying other payloads, or downloading additional plugins. Its plugins offer functionality related to, for example, credentials and cookie stealing, DDoS, or remote access. It’s been

Sing Malware Sandboxes for Initial Triage and Incident Response By Koen Van Impe Learn from this practical case study how VMRay Analyzer helped with getting an accurate and noise-free analysis for initial triage and obtaining the relevant indicators of compromise for faster incident response. Computer security is a fast moving

Basic Automation with the VMRay API By Koen Van Impe Learn more about integrating VMRay Analyzer in different areas of your organizations and how to use its API to automate the submission and processing of the analysis of malware. According to a report from Honeywell the use of USB removable

In this Malware Analysis Spotlight, we are investigating a variant of the phishing kit created by Xbalti. Originally, there were two phishing kits developed by Xbalti. The first one is targeting Chase Bank customers, while the other one, which is the topic of this spotlight is targeting Japanese Amazon customers.

Israeli cybersecurity company CyberInt provides Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services using an innovative approach that leverages both inside-out and outside-in visibility into a customer’s infrastructure. We’ve recently partnered with CyberInt to provide their customers with rapid detection at scale for the tens of thousands of malware samples they see
“The information VMRay Analyzer surfaced was exactly what we needed.” A little while ago our team traveled down to Herndon, VA to visit the offices of our partner Expel and hear first hand how they were using our technology for their MSSP offering. Expel’s CTO Matt Peters explained to us
This article is provided by courtesy of VMRay GmbH. Bochum/Bonn May 15, 2014 – VMRay GmbH has successfully closed its seed financing round. High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) invests in the development and marketing of the next-generation malware analysis software of VMRay, which has a special focus on complex 64-bit malware such

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