“Our analysts are really good at making decisions if they have the data to make that decision.” – Tyler Fornes, Sr. Response & Detection Analyst at Expel In this Risky Business podcast, host Patrick Gray interviews one of VMRay’s most forward-looking customers: Tyler Fornes, Senior Detection and Response Analyst for
This week, VMRay CEO & Co-Founder, Carsten Willems was a guest on the latest episode of the Risky Business Podcast. Carsten spoke with host Patrick Gray about VMRay’s supporting role in Endgame and MRG Effitas’ Static Machine Learning Evasion Contest at DEF CON this year. The contest required participants to
It was a busy week for the VMRay Team at this year’s Black Hat Conference. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Carsten Willems sat down for an interview with Paul Asadoorian, host of the Security Weekly podcast. Carsten expanded upon his March interview with Security Weekly where he talked about the core
“We are really into the tech. It makes our day if we can detect malware that no one else can.” Continuing our run of podcast interviews, our CEO & Co-Founder Carsten Willems recently featured on the Risky Business Podcast. For over a decade Risky Biz has been one of the
VMRay’s agentless hypervisor-based analyzer was featured on the latest Snake Oilers episode of the Risky Business podcast. I spoke to host Patrick Gray about the guiding philosophy for VMRay Analyzer 2.2: to deliver unparalleled usability and effectiveness for all DFIR specialists and malware analysts, regardless of skill level. We also

Recently, VMRay sponsored the 480th episode of the popular weekly information security podcast, Risky Business. On the podcast, Incident Response Expert Koen Van Impe, spoke to host Patrick Gray about how he uses VMRay Analyzer for automated malware analysis. Koen gave a great overview of the real-world challenges IR practitioners

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