The Human Element: Email gateways and perimeter phishing

Email gateways and perimeter phishing solutions do a good job of detecting the bulk of inbound threats, but sometimes the analysis results are inconclusive. A small percentage of malicious and damaging emails still manage to get through into the enterprise to finish up in end-user inboxes. In large Enterprises, many organizations have begun training their workforce to recognize phishing emails that may slip through the cracks. With hundreds or thousands of mailbox recipients, the number of potentially harmful phishing attacks reported by end-users can quickly reach unmanageable levels for SOC Teams to handle.

Covered in The Webinar

Gain deeper insights into phishing attacks

Automate the analysis of malicious email threats

Accelerate and streamline the phishing triage process

About The Speakers

Andrew Maguire

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

20 + years experience in many different facets of cyber-security including Anti-virus, vulnerability assessment, firewalls, intrusion detection, encryption in both cloud and on-premise B2B solutions from a global marketing perspective…

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Ben Abbott

Security Solutions Engineer | US Team Lead

  • 10+ years in cyber security.
  • His expertise lies in defining advanced malware detection and response strategies
  • Helped numerous enterprises and governments protect their assets and data.

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