Technical Webinar: Signature & Detection Highlights | May 2024 Edition

Staying true to our mission of leading the charge against the changing threat landscape, we’re launching the May 2024 episode of our Sandbox Detection Highlights webinar series.


Covered in The Webinar

The latest enhancements to our malware configuration extraction capabilities, with a focus on QuasarRAT.

VTI to flag attempts by malware samples to stop or disable various backup services.

An overview of the latest threats making the rounds, complete with technical details and insights into their TTPs.

About The Speakers

Fatih Akar

Sr. Security Product Manager

Product Manager with over 7 years of experience, currently leading the design, development, and deployment of innovative cybersecurity products. Technical Leader in the area of Cybersecurity focused on working with diverse cross-functional teams to ensure the on-time delivery of next-generation enterprise security solutions.

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