Guarding the Penguin: Advanced Malware Sandboxing for Linux

Tired of limited security options for Linux OS? As Linux continues to be a prime target for cyber threats, the need for cutting-edge defenses has never been more critical. Watch this webinar to discover how our new malware sandboxing feature, offering both static and dynamic analysis capabilities, gives you a robust shield against cyber threats for Linux systems. Learn more about this groundbreaking feature that sets us apart as a unique vendor supporting Linux, alongside Windows and MacOS.

Covered in The Webinar

The challenges of analyzing Linux IoT malware (like MIRAI)

The rise of Linux Threats

How VMRay Platform can help you detect and respond to Linux malware attacks

About The Speakers

Patrick. S

Team Lead Threat Research

Patrick Staubmann joined VMRay as a threat researcher back in 2019. As part of the Threat Analysis team, he continuously researches the threat landscape and conducts analyses of malware samples in depth. To further improve the companies’ product, he also extends its detection capabilities in form of behaviour-based rules, YARA rules, and configuration extractors. He is especially interested in reverse-engineering, low-level system security and exploitation.

Fatih Akar

Security Product Manager

Hüseyin Fatih Akar has extensive work experience in the field of cybersecurity. Hüseyin Fatih worked at VMRay as a Security Product Manager, where they led product initiatives and established the roadmap for expanding the detection capabilities of VMRay Analyzer. Hüseyin Fatih also managed integration processes with security products and maintained active communication with security vendors. Additionally, they oversaw the development of Email Threat Defender, an email security product.

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