Faster Breach Detection: Strategies for Detecting Unknown Threats

Whether it’s making serious money or causing reputational damage, threat actors are highly motivated to gain a foothold in your environment. The longer a threat actor can go undetected, the more they stand to profit. According to IBM’s 2020 Cost of Data Breach Report, the average data breach costs organization’s over $3.8 million and takes on average 280 days to detect. Existing security tools do a serviceable job at detecting a majority of threats but lack the ability to detect the unknown or advanced. There is isolated attention to malware detection from the endpoint to email to the web leading to an inability for security teams to understand the threats flying under the radar.

So how can you detect the undetected if you have gaps in your environment?

In this talk learn from VMRay CEO Carsten Willems, a pioneer in malware detection, the strategies and tools to detect unknown threats. Viewers will walk away with an understanding of how the VMRay supplemental approach will fill the gaps in your environment.

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