Checkmate: How Malware Anti Sandbox Evasion Checks Can Stall Automation of EDR/XDR Alert Triage

Fully automating EDR/XDR alert validation using older hooking or kernel-mode sandbox technologies can disrupt SOCs and stall submission queues. In high-volume alert environments such as an Enterprise or MDR SOC, the time and resources spent identifying EDR alert false positives and manually triaging “suspicious” or benign malware samples that fail sandbox analysis is extremely costly. In this on-demand webinar, the VMRay Team will walk you through the best malware sandbox architectures for SOC automation, why automated EDR/XDR Alert triage can fail, and how to fix it.

Covered in The Webinar

Discover which top malware families use Anti-Sandbox evasion techniques

How to stop stalled analysis and timeouts from sabotaging your automated workflows

Calculate your own SOC costs associated with malware false positive alerts

About The Speakers

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