Busy Bees: The Transformation of Malicious Loader Bumblebee

Watch this on-demand webinar as we delve into the intricate world of BumbleBee, a malicious loader that stormed onto the threat landscape in early 2022. Since its inception, BumbleBee has been involved in numerous cyberattacks, delivering harmful payloads from known malware families. It has consistently showcased its ability to evolve and resist analysis – a clear signal that its development is far from over. After studying and tracking Bumblebee’s intricate patterns, watch this webinar to learn the VMRay Labs Team’s insights.

Covered in The Webinar

Bumblebee's Delivery & Execution

Unique sandbox detection techniques

Malware Configuration Extraction

About The Speakers

Patrick Staubmann

Threat Researcher

Patrick Staubmann joined VMRay as a threat researcher back in 2019. As part of the Threat Analysis team, he continuously researches the threat landscape and conducts analyses of malware samples in depth. To further improve the companies’ product, he also extends its detection capabilities in form of behaviour-based rules, YARA rules, and configuration extractors. He is especially interested in reverse-engineering, low-level system security and exploitation.

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