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In this video, we’ll show you how to analyze URLs and optimize your workflow by using triaging.

Submitting URLs for analysis is easy. From the “Upload Sample” box, simply type or paste the URL you want to analyze. You will have the flexibility to choose from two web analysis options, automated and interactive.

If you select “Interactive” you’ll be able to manually interact with the URL, allowing you to download files or enter credentials. You can also use dynamic analysis to see if the URL has a browser exploit.

To optimize efficiency, we encourage you to use “Triage”. If your sample gets identified as “Malicious” or “Benign” by either Reputation or Static Analysis we will stop the workflow, saving time and effort.

Another helpful feature is recursive analysis. Recursive analysis is when files and URLs within files and URLs are automatically submitted for analysis. It’s a powerful feature that helps provide teams with comprehensive analytical coverage.

In our next VMRay Platform Fast Track video, we will show you how to analyze virtually any file type. Watch now!

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