Malware: Analyzing Any File Type | VMRay Platform Fast Track


In this video, we will show you the wide range of file types available for analysis, how to interpret submitted file results while also introducing key features like smart-link detonation, triaging, recursive analysis.

Smart-link detonation automatically evaluates and detonates links if they look suspicious. Links deemed harmless are not detonated and the analysis process is stopped. Thus subjecting unknown files to further scrutiny and saving time by clearing out the non-threats.

The Triaging feature will stop the process if either the Reputation or Static Analysis score a file or URL as “malicious” or “benign”. Smart-link detonation, triaging, and recursive analysis are powerful tools to help you comprehend virtually any threat.

In our final VMRay Platform Fast Track video, we will show more submission options using IR Mailbox, our REST API, and Email Threat Defender. Watch now!

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