How VMRay enables a strategic security automation process



  • Manual analysis for third party app notarization
  • Very difficult for analysts to analyze each submission into deepest detail
  • Time consuming manual processes



  • Company: Significant risk of missing threats
  • Customers: Potential infection through a source “trusted” by the brand
  • Partners: Developer community was waiting too long for approval



  • Automated analysis of submissions without full manual interaction
  • Reduced risk of “infected but approved” applications
  • Faster process for approval of partners

“Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way.

This creates enormous value for our company, customers and partners.

Cyber Security Team Lead

Our customer, one of the one of the world’s leading technology companies, benefits from VMRay’s best-of-breed detection and automation capabilities to grow their global ecosystem of partners and customers even further.


Manual process: troubled with uncertainty

The customer’s products and solutions serve as a platform for developers around the world to introduce their applications to end users. Our customer has a structured approach for approval and notarization of these third-party applications, so that some of these apps earn a badge of being “approved” by our client. This brings reputation and reliability to the developers, and confidence and peace-of-mind to the end users.

However, this very well-designed notarization system had an important bottleneck: the approvals -or rejections- were decided through a manual process.

The time-consuming manual analysis was making it nearly impossible for the analysts to analyze each submission into the deepest detail. For this reason, the notarization system could not ensure that a submission is completely clear with ultimate level of confidence.


An equation of three parties

This drawback had implications for three main parties of the ecosystem: For our customer: they could possibly be missing some of the threats.

For the end users: there was a potential risk of being infected by an application which was coming from a “trusted” source. If this risk turns into reality, our customer will lose the end users’ trust. So, their reputation would also be at stake.

Another affected party was the developer community, who waited for long periods to get their applications approved. Through many rounds of ideation, iterations of improvements and a combination of carefully selected innovative ideas; they finally develop an application. And all these efforts may not turn into a desirable outcome, if they cannot have it approved in time. Days and hours count in this fast-changing world of digital innovations.


Automation comes to the rescue

The bottom line: our customer needed to automate this process.

But automation requires highest level of trust to the tool and the input. If you have doubts about either the quality of the analysis or the automation capabilities of the tool, then you can not rely on the automated process with 100% confidence. Which means, the automation wouldn’t be practically an option.

This is why the customer trusted VMRay: to detect the undetectable, and to empower automation with ultimate peace of mind.

With groundbreaking technologies created by our visionary founders and growing team of innovators, the VMRay Platform can detonate a malicious content -let it be file or URL- in a safe environment. Our technologies enable us to observe and log every step of the “genuine” malicious behavior. This way, VMRay platform remains resistant to even the most evasive threats. In addition, with seamless integrations to all major automation tools, our platform empowers full automation for threat detection and analysis processes.


Our customer now benefits from adding VMRay’s best-of-breed technologies to their existing security stack. Through bulk submission, many application submissions can be analyzed with the right tools at once, without a need for full manual interaction.


The result: everyone is happy.

The customer is much more confident that a potential risk won’t be missed, because their analysts are no longer overwhelmed by the exhausting manual processes.

The end users will not be disappointed from being infected by a source that has an approval badge. So, they won’t regret having trusted our client’s the brand.

The developer community can bring their apps to the market in a much shorter time, thus, can achieve instant innovation.


VMRay’s automation capabilities empowered our client to smoothly complete this strategic automation process that benefited all involved stakeholders.

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