VMRay Platform

Where Current Tools Fall Short, VMRay Raises the Bar

VMRay’s advanced threat analysis and detection solution is built on a common platform with a best-of-breed sandbox technology at its core.

Surmounting the persistent shortcomings of other DFIR tools, VMRay delivers rapid detection results and in-depth analysis reports without compromising performance or security.

VMRay flexibly integrates with other systems, automating the submission of files and URLs for analysis. Precise, actionable results are returned that drive block/allow decisions and other security measures across the enterprise.

The Right Technology at the Right Time for Unparalleled Results

With the VMRay platform, security teams can triage a deluge of samples from multiple sources.

Our Now, Near, Deep architecture tightly integrates our groundbreaking dynamic analysis engine with rapid reputation lookup and industry-best static analysis, pre-filtering files for enhanced performance.

Innovations such as Intelligent Monitoring and smart memory dumping ensure noise-free output and false-positive rates that are near zero: features that enhance team efficiency.

VMRay Platform Core Capabilities

VMRay supports all major formats on Windows and macOS operating systems for Office documents, scripts, archives, drivers, executables as well as URLs. For a full list of supported file types contact our Sales Team.

VMRay’s hypervisor-based monitoring technology provides security teams with evasion-resistant analysis environments out-of-the-box. Using VMRay, security teams have the ability to:

  • Match analysis environment to the real-world
  • Set Golden Images and Localization
  • Remain undetectable by malware
  • Analyze with multiple technologies to get a 360° view


VMRay offers customers a choice of where their data resides: in the US or the EU.


VMRay detects a wide range of phishing techniques including:

  • credential harvesting
  • drive-by downloads
  •  file-sharing web apps
  • HTML attachments
  • Safe links are normalized and analyzed.

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is mapped to VMRay Threat Identifiers (VTIs). This allows security teams to understand the scale and impact of an incident fast, leading to actionable mitigation measures.


VMRay’s GDPR compliance and ISO 27001 certification provide multiple safeguards to the substantial protections already built into our solutions. We allow customers to create a completely isolated environment for analyzing advanced malware threats, without the risks posed by open-source tools and services, and without the risk of inadvertently sharing confidential data with others.


"“When it came to selecting a full-featured sandbox with turnkey integration into our existing security monitoring stack, VMRay couldn’t be beat. VMRay provides our cyber defense team with a complete picture of malware behavior allowing us to shorten investigations. The team loves the flexibility of the VMs, the depth of analysis available through the Ida Pro Plugin, and how it connected seamlessly with the REST API. And I love how the VMRay team has continuously driven platform improvements over our 2 year relationship.”"

The VMRay Portfolio

The gold standard for
dynamic malware analysis


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