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VMRay & ThreatConnect SOAR/TIP Connector

Augment ThreatConnect with VMRay Analyzer

ThreatConnect uniquely synergizes SOAR, TIP, and Risk Quantification capabilities in a single platform to provide decision and operational support. Our VMRay Analyzer ThreatConnect Playbook App augments ThreatConnect by providing threat intelligence and deeper dive analyses based on our best-of-breed sandbox, which in turn enables more informed decisions that can serve as the building blocks for greater orchestration and automation within ThreatConnect. In addition, EDR and SIEM workflows can be enhanced with more accurate triaging and the elimination of false positives.

ThreatConnect - VMRay Analyzer Connector - Threat Intelligence | SOAR

Executive Summary

Connector Name: VMRay Analyzer ThreatConnect Playbook App

Owner of ThreatConnect: ThreatConnect

ThreatConnect Partner Page: VMRay Partner Page

Primary Categories: SOAR, TIP

Additional Categories: EDR, SIEM

Connection Capabilities

Connects Into Analyzer: Yes – Submission

Connects Out to Analyzer: Yes – Get Results

Use Cases: Enhanced Threat Intelligence, IOC Mining, Binary Evaluation, Endpoint Investigation, Malware Hunting

Video Training

Using ThreatConnect with VMRay Analyzer

How to Leverage Indicators of Compromise with VMRay & ThreatConnect

Get Started

Download: VMRay Analyzer ThreatConnect Playbook on GitHub

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