MTI – Europe

As an IT system house operating nationwide, MTI Technology has specialized in data center infrastructures, IT management, cloud services, and data security for over 30 years.

  • More than 1,800 customers in Europe rely on MTI’s expertise and solutions for storing, protecting, and securing data and information – regardless of manufacturer, platform, and application.
  • MTI’s customers include medium-sized and large companies, network operators and energy providers, companies from the retail, industry, transport, and logistics, telecommunications, public sector, and government agencies, institutions and facilities in the healthcare sector, as well as banks and insurance companies.
  • Long-term partnerships with leading technology partners offer a complete portfolio of current and future-proof data center solutions including managed services. In addition, MTI offers a product service for all currently available technologies and solutions.
  • In Germany, MTI looks after our customers through our Wiesbaden, Munich, and Stuttgart locations as well as through nationwide service centers.

With success: 98% of MTI customers would recommend us and our services to others.


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