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[Blog] How to Choose the Right Malware Classification Scheme to Improve Incident Response

Incident Response Expert, Koen Van Impe details how analysts can improve and automate their incident response processes by adopting the right malware classification scheme according to specific threat management goals.

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[Blog] Walkthrough of a Common Malware Carrier

E-mail is a prominent vector for malware delivery, by way of a malicious URL or file attachments. When embedding malicious content within a file, malware authors commonly nest a variety of formats within one another and pivot through numerous stages of payloads before retrieving the final one. In this post, we’ll walk through the dissection of a common document malware carrier.

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[Blog] Reducing Dwell Time With Automated Incident Response

As the threat landscape evolves, it is increasingly important for organizations large and small to invest in automated incident response solutions to reduce dwell time and eliminate alert fatigue.

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LogicHub & VMRay Advance Intelligent Security Automation With Additional Layer of Threat Analysis

We’ve parterned LogicHub, an intelligent security automation solution to provide SOC and CIRT teams the ability to fully automate investigations of malware, as well as orchestrate incident response with an all-in-one platform.

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How to Hide a Sandbox: The Art of Outfoxing Advanced Cyber Threats

SonicWall partnered with VMRay to maximize the detection of evasive malware within their award-winning Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) multi-engine sandbox platform. Read the blog to find out how SonicWall leverages VMRay for real-time, high-volume threat detection.

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[Guest Blog] Fake Microsoft Word Invoice Hides Malware

Read the VMRay Research Team’s analysis blog of a fake Microsoft Word invoice that leverages social engineering to execute malware. This post is an excellent example of how augmenting Metadefender results with VMRay Analyzer gives DFIR specialists and incident responders a complete view of malware behavior.

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[Interview] VMRay – The Hypervisor-Based Sandbox That Cannot be Detected

In CEO and Co-Founder Carsten Willems’ interview with vpnMentor, he discusses how VMRay Analyzer’s unique agentless hypervisor approach is both fast and very difficult to be evaded by malware. Carsten also shares how the motivation for attacks changes over time and what he sees as the next big security challenge.

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October 14, 2016

VMRay GmbH, provider of 3rd generation agentless threat analysis and detection, today announced it has closed $3.9 million (3.5 million euro) in Series A funding with eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF).

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CloudLock Expands Malware Detection Orchestration Capabilities and Ecosystem With Leading Malware Threat Detection Solution Providers

July 13, 2016

CloudLock®, the leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform, today announced its expanded cybersecurity orchestration ecosystem, delivering advanced malware detection capabilities through integrations with OPSWAT and VMRay to complement the company’s existing integration with the threat emulation capabilities of Check Point.

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Dell SonicWALL Chooses VMRay for Threat Analysis

March 2, 2016

We’re pleased to announce that Dell has chosen VMRay Analyzer for threat analysis in the cloud as part of their Dell SonicWALL Capture ATP service.

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ThreatConnect, Inc. Announces Partnership With VMRay

August 14, 2015

ThreatConnect, Inc., the leading provider of security services including the ThreatConnect® Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), today announced a partnership with VMRay for ThreatConnect’s TC Exchange™.

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CrowdStrike Leverages VMRay Technology to Enhance Threat Intelligence Capabilities

March 17, 2015

VMRay GmbH, provider of the fastest and most comprehensive threat analysis capabilities in the market, announced today that it has entered into a technology partnership with CrowdStrike Inc., a leading provider of next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and incident response services.

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High-Tech Gruenderfonds Invests in the Next-Generation Malware Analysis Software of VMRay GmbH

May 15, 2014

VMRay GmbH has successfully closed its seed financing round. High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) invests in the development and marketing of the next-generation malware analysis software of VMRay, which has a special focus on complex 64-bit malware such as APTs and kernel rootkits.

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VMRay is Further Building its Management Strength

December 16, 2013

In its ramp-up to the market launch, VMRay, the next-generation malware-analysis company, is building its management strength and governance by adding two seasoned managers to its advisory board.

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