How VMRay helps automate time-consuming manual analyses


Integrate best-of-breed technology to their platform to automate analysis and response processes.


The team cannot handle thousands of manual analyses every day.


Manual analysis reduced by 90%, which brought enormous resource savings.

“VMRay is our deep analysis solution that helped us reduce manual analyses by 90%, from thousand to hundreds per day”

Vice President
Cyber Security Labs

The main target of our customer, one of the world’s leading cyber security consulting companies was to integrate best-of-breed detection and analysis capabilities to the services they provide to their clients.

Automation: the only way forward

They were using home-grown security automation and orchestration platform to submit malware and phishing samples and retrieve actionable analysis results. Their teams had to conduct thousands of manual analyses every day, which was becoming near impossible to complete to perfection in a sustainable way. When both conducting the analysis and interpreting the reports took significant amount of time, it was leading to a work overload which may some times result in late response.

This is the reason they wanted to automate significant part of their analysis processes, which is where high quality input comes into play.


In the search for reliable input

To automate analysis tasks with ultimate peace of mind, and thus, improve the accuracy and timeliness of their analysis and incident response services; our customer needed to have the highest quality inputs. The previous dynamic analysis solutions they had tried were not able to provide the level of quality that our customer needed for the input.

Namely, they were looking for high quality IOCs, memory dumps, execution traces and function logs to feed their existing technology.


The result:

With VMRay Analyzer, the customer was able to get the level of input quality they needed to automate processes. They integrated VMRay Analyzer to their malware analysis platform, utilizing the Threat Intelligence they get from VMRay Analyzer as a source of truth for multiple use cases from supporting their internal resources to perform immediate and reliable incident response, to enriching their threat feeds.

The result is an outstanding 90% reduction on manual analysis workload, from thousands to hundreds per day. And this means exceptional considerable savings on precious resources.