Sharpening SOC Capabilities with VMRay’s Integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Oct 26th 2023

Sharpening SOC Capabilities 

with VMRay’s Integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

26 October 2023

We continue to enhance SOC Analyst’s arsenal. Recognizing the demand for streamlined workflows and actionable insights, we’ve bridged Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with our products, FinalVerdict and TotalInsight. This move amplifies the precision and efficiency SOC teams require in the face of relentless endpoint threats.

The recent Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023 underscores a disturbing evolution: Infostealers aren’t merely growing in numbers but also functioning as gateways for other malicious software. The rise in such evolving threats necessitates not just detection but profound understanding and swift action.

And that’s precisely where our new collaboration with Microsoft Defender shines.

Unlocking a Suite of Use Cases:

1 – Informed Decision-Making:

You can dive into VMRay’s sandbox analysis and empower your analysts to take decisive actions on threat containment and mitigation.

2- Efficient EDR Alert Validation: 

Reduce the tedious manual enrichment process. Quickly identify false alarms from genuine threats and save invaluable time.

3 – Comprehensive Threat Context: 

Get the whole story. From screenshots to indicators of compromise, VMRay paints a clear picture of the hidden danger.

4 – Enhanced Response Time:

Time is of the essence. With real-time context on suspicious executables, strengthen your defenses and act before it’s too late.

5 – Actionable Threat Intelligence:

Learn from today to protect tomorrow. Harness VMRay’s accurate reports to bolster your actionable threat intelligence, paving the way for proactive defense strategies.

Dive Deeper with Us!

Witness the synergy of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and VMRay in action. Join our exclusive webinar on Nov 2nd, 2023, which will explain this integration and guide you on leveraging it for unknown malware analysis.

Ertugrul Kara
Ertugrul Kara

Ertugrul Kara is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMRay. With a career spanning over 10 years in cybersecurity, he has seen the advancement of security products from open source firewalls to automation-powered threat detection technologies following the evolution of threat landscape.

He is currently focused on leading the marketing efforts for VMRay’s security automation solutions while enhancing the alignment between the products with enterprise customer needs.

Previously, he has held various roles in early stage security startups, led the product launch and growth strategies, and run his own startup specialized in network security.


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