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Sandboxing Stands its Ground: An Evolving Tale of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Nov 30th 2023

Sandboxing Stands its Ground:

An Evolving Tale of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

30 November 2023

The Advent of EDR and the Sandbox Dilemma

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions emerged with the promise of revolutionizing the cyber defense landscape. Touted as the panacea to malware attacks, EDRs offered both visibility into endpoints and a protective shield against malware threats. 

They positioned themselves as alternatives to traditional antivirus solutions that merely reacted to known threats. EDRs also dismissed sandboxing as slow and inefficient, claiming to offer a superior solution to advanced and unknown threats.

The Reality Check – Limitations of EDR

With time, the sheen of EDR began to fade. EDRs started to falter under the weight of their own promises, giving rise to Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions. However, challenges persist. The noise of overwhelming alerts and the significant cost and resources required to handle these issues are just a few of the unresolved problems that plague EDR and MDR solutions.

Interestingly, recent trends highlight the shortcomings of EDR solutions, which customers started using built-in or 3rd party sandboxing offered by the vendors. Encountering limitations especially with the built-in tools available, customers began to seek alternatives. This observation underscores a valuable insight – the sandboxing that was once dismissed is making a comeback.

The Persistence of Sandboxing – A Key to Robust Malware Defense

While EDR and MDR solutions have evolved, and now Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools emerge with more native integration capabilities, sandboxing remains a powerful tool in the fight against malware attacks. With the advancement of cloud technology, sandboxing has become more efficient, faster, and less costly.

The current cybersecurity landscape highlights a critical question – Where should customers seek sandboxing solutions? Do they turn to their EDR vendor or to a sandbox tool with proven API connectors? The key lies in understanding their unique requirements, integration use cases and the value proposition of each solution. 

The Future Outlook – Harnessing the Power of Dedicated Sandboxing

In an era where handling alerts efficiently has become crucial, sandboxing offers a promising solution. We are witnessing a shift in the market dynamics and an evolution in EDR messaging. Despite their initial dismissals, EDRs now offer add-on sandboxing capabilities, acknowledging the value it brings to cybersecurity defense.

The increasing emphasis on detection, coupled with growing customer dissatisfaction with EDRs’ built-in sandboxing offerings, provides a golden opportunity for standalone, dedicated malware sandboxing solutions. The future lies in harnessing the full potential of sandboxing in complementing EDR, XDR and MDR capabilities and providing robust malware protection.

As we navigate this evolving landscape, the duty is on technology providers to understand these shifting dynamics, address the ongoing issues, and provide solutions that make a real impact in the world of cybersecurity. The story of sandboxing stands as testament to the fact that, in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity, nothing can be dismissed, and everything evolves.

Ertugrul Kara
Ertugrul Kara

Ertugrul Kara is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMRay. With a career spanning over 10 years in cybersecurity, he has seen the advancement of security products from open source firewalls to automation-powered threat detection technologies following the evolution of threat landscape.

He is currently focused on leading the marketing efforts for VMRay’s security automation solutions while enhancing the alignment between the products with enterprise customer needs.

Previously, he has held various roles in early stage security startups, led the product launch and growth strategies, and run his own startup specialized in network security.

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