VMRay provides a comprehensive suite of threat analysis products that enables your security organizations to thrive:

Aiming to resolve the core challenges of your security organization, the new VMRay portfolio is designed to help improve your SOC productivity, maturity and the Return On Investments made into your SOC teams!

The Challenges

The need to automate to increase SOC efficiency in the face of ever-increasing alerts, complexity & staff shortage

The need to accelerate with fast, reliable, and in-depth malware & phishing analysis to ensure fast Incident Reponses

The need to enable the distillation of actionable and reliable threat intelligence

VMRay Full Portfolio

Our new portfolio of products offers the ultimate solution for security organizations looking to overcome all sorts of your SOC & TI related challenges

World's most advanced malware & phishing analysis solution

VMRay DeepResponse

With a focus on speed and efficiency, DeepResponse is designed to help you reduce incident response times, improve ROI of threat-hunting efforts and improve your detection engineering efficiently.
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The single source of truth for Security Automation

VMRay FinalVerdict

As the single reliable source of truth, VMRay FinalVerdict provides timely insights around malware and phishing threats to increase the SOC effectiveness
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Build the most reliable and actionable Threat Intelligence

VMRay TotalInsight

With advanced monitoring & detection capabilities, configuration extraction, IOC scoring technologies, and API-first approach, TotalInsight enables you to quickly & effectively analyze even the most evasive malware samples and turn them into accurate actionable intelligence.
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VMRay Portfolio Benefits

VMRay provides a comprehensive suite of threat analysis products that enables your security organizations to thrive. Aiming to resolve the core challenges of your security organization, VMRay can help improve your security posture overall and the return on investments made into your SOC teams by:

For ALL Customers

VMRay portfolio consists of three alternative solutions – DeepResponse, FinalVerdict, & TotalInsight, with features, functionality, and pricing options optimized for ALL sorts of security needs for ALL customers:

For SOC Analysts
For SOC Analysts, DeepResponse is designed to meet your needs of low volume, manual sample submission of malware & phishing threats with emphasis on granular, detailed reporting.
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For Large Enterprises & MSSPs
For large enterprises and MSSPs, FinalVerdict is intended to help you automate triage of EDR/XDR/SIEM/SOAR malware related alerts to identify “suspicious” alerts as malicious or benign, with seamless integration into other industry leading security platforms.
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For Government & Private Sector Organizations
For government & private sector organizations, TotalInsight can help you curate your own threat intelligence to better defend against targeted, custom crafted, and industry specific threats.
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