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Stop modern adversaries with accurate threat analysis:

VMRay Analyzer is the only Threat Analysis and Detection Platform in the market specifically designed to operate in SOCs, capable of detecting advanced evasive threats and brings automation to SOC/CERT analysts to maximize the value from their existing security investments:

  • Uncover even the most sophisticated threats that other security controls miss – malware and targeted phishing today are highly evasive. VMRay’s platform observes and monitors detonation from outside the environment to allow safe payload detonation and granular analysis of IOC’s.
  • Save time for SOC analysts. Detect and Respond faster with less effort VMRay Analyzer is built to automate threat processing in SOCs. It provides noise-free reports, reliable verdicts, has built-in integrations with all popular XDR/EDR/SOAR platforms. VMRay Analyzer optimizes automatic alert validation, automatic triage, in addition to threat intelligence extraction and submission to TIPs.
  • Maximize value from existing security investments – Validate incidents with VMRay Analyzer to filter out false positives and enrich reports with actionable intelligence.

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