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Welcome to the VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap. Every month our Research Team provides a recap of the malware analysis reports posted to the VMRay Twitter account. This past November, our team analyzed a malicious Javascript file, the Ordinypt wiper, and a variant of the XZZX Cryptomix ransomware. Click the
We recently came across an interesting malicious Word document that used an embedded Word macro to detect whether or not it was being opened inside a VM. If no VM was detected, the macro proceeded to attempt to download a payload (executable) to infect the machine. Let’s take a look
Malware authors are always looking for an edge to evade detection and extend the useful life of their creations. In the constant cat-and-mouse game between malware authors and security vendors, malware authors must constantly revise and reinvent their product. They will consider anything they can do to avoid detection. Along

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