threat detection

According to Forrester, there will be 2 million job vacancies in the cybersecurity sector by 2022. This reality is the impetus for greater efficiency and achieving a significant improvement in the “signal to noise” ratio that security teams are dealing with. Automating malware analysis and detection on a large scale
SOC teams are often overwhelmed by the flood of known and suspected malware coming at them from every direction. Web and email gateways, endpoints and other systems all feed into the fire hose of suspicious files sent to the SOC—and all those potential threats need to be vetted ASAP. The
Our core belief at VMRay is to provide DFIR Specialists and Incident Responders with the most comprehensive analysis on the market. Since the introduction of our Reputation Engine in VMRay Analyzer 2.0, we’ve delivered a comprehensive one-two punch for analysts to quickly diagnose and triage malicious files. Today, we are

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