Overview A new malware family called Stealc was released recently, which is a Spyware designed to copy files, credentials and other sensitive information from the victim’s hard drive and make them available to the attacker. It also employs a variety of techniques to evade detection, including one technique based on

Introduction As threat actors continue to evolve their tactics for distributing malware, we’ve been hard at work to stay on top of the latest trends to ensure VMRay platform can effectively analyze new file formats. One such attack trend that has gained popularity among threat actors is OneNote attachments. Microsoft

Introduction Just before closing off the year 2022, a new ransomware called CatB appeared on VirusTotal. Compared to other ransomware, this new malware family gets shipped with unique characteristics that make this recent market joiner interesting: Before the ransomware is executed, its loader component performs basic evasion checks to ensure

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