Typical enterprise security architectures involve tools and products from multiple vendors. An unfortunate reality is these tools and products are not designed to work together out-of-the-box. The Splunk Adaptive Response Framework solves this challenge by connecting all of these products through pre-configured actions. Security teams using the VMRay Add-On for
Security Operations Centers (SOCs) use SIEMs and tools like Splunk (that include SIEM functionality) for a number of use cases including monitoring alerts and notifications, correlating information from a number of security data sources, and facilitating forensic investigations. By integrating analysis data from a malware sandbox, SOCs and CIRTs (Computer
Multi-vendor security frameworks are a reality in virtually every enterprise. InfoSec teams need to manage that reality in order to protect the organization’s assets and data against targeted cyber-attacks and advanced malware. Deploying multi-vendor products means that there can often be challenges related to interoperability and integration. At VMRay, we

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