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Malware authors are continuously evolving their tactics to evade detection by security tools, and sandbox evasion techniques are a critical component of this cat-and-mouse game. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the intricate details of the three primary categories of sandbox evasion techniques employed by modern malware, shedding light

Even though enterprises spend millions every year on information security they still remain vulnerable to persistent cybercriminals in a world where cybercrime like ransomware is pervasive. Organizations cannot afford to do the “bare minimum” when it comes to threat analysis. As the saying goes, ” ‘close’ only counts in horseshoes

In the era of Big Data scalability is always a key concern. Simply throwing hardware at the problem isn’t enough. If the software architecture can’t fully take advantage of the available bandwidth and compute power, bottlenecks remain. One of VMRay Analyzer’s main advantages is our agentless hypervisor-based approach, allowing substantially

The automated creation and deployment of fully custom VMs (Virtual Machines) as analyses targets may seem like an arcane topic, but it’s crucially important to successful threat analysis, particularly for targeted attacks. There are several reasons: Targeted attacks using custom(ized) malware often will check for specific attributes on the target

Malware that evades detection is nothing new. But in a constantly evolving threat landscape, particularly around targeted attacks, we now see more Environment-Sensitive Malware. This is alternately known as context-aware or environment-aware malware. Not a low carbon footprint variety, but rather malware that is tailored to run only under certain

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