Release Highlights

Introduction The first release of 2024 is already behind us, but we’re not slowing down! We hope you’ve enjoyed the features delivered in recent months, including addressing the QR code phishing attacks, support for the analysis of ISO and UDF filetypes as well as our continuous enhancements and research to

Introduction Welcome in 2024! We open up this year with another release of the VMRay Platform, which we’ve been working on in the winter season of 2023. In this blog post, we have some exciting updates to share and a glimpse into the innovations and initiatives that we focused on

Introduction This year is slowly coming to its dawn. Fall leaves from the trees are falling, but it’s not the case for our appetite for threat hunting! We’re always on the lookout for dynamic behavior analysis, unusual or suspicious patterns in network traffic, file and memory analysis, new phishing trends,

Introduction Writing this introduction for the VMRay 2023.3.0 release has been a thrill, considering bringing a significant game-changer to our products. The summer heat in our Bochum headquarters is at its best. To relieve the scorch, we are shipping a long-awaited coolness – Static and Dynamic Analysis of Linux executables.

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