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Overview With our latest release, VMRay Platform version 2023.2, we introduced support for Microsoft OneNote documents, recently abused by multiple threat actors. As announced in a recent blog post, the VMRay Platform continuously extends its capabilities to ensure our product is still able to deal with the the latest trends

Introduction In April of 2022 we’ve observed new Emotet samples which implemented considerable changes to the way they store and decode their configuration. For Emotet, the relevant information stored in a config file is the IP address and a port number. Each of them is stored in the form of

Introduction In this Spotlight, we take another look at GuLoader. The malware family is active since at least 2020. It gained some attention because of its evasion techniques and abusing legitimate and popular cloud services to host its malicious payloads. The downloader is commonly used to deliver other malware families

Emotet’s Use of Cryptography Presented by the VMRay Labs Team The group behind Emotet is the prime example of a very successful criminal enterprise. Emotet started out as a banking malware but over time evolved into a large botnet providing something akin to a malicious IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). It started providing

In this Malware Analysis Spotlight, we will assume the role of a threat researcher tasked with analyzing, categorizing, and classifying an unknown malicious sample. We will analyze the unknown sample in a malware sandbox to jumpstart the process. Our unknown sample in this Spotlight is the information stealer, Raccoon (also
Recently, Google’s Threat Analysis Group published a blog post about a campaign targeting security researchers, which they attribute to an entity backed by the North Korean government. Using social engineering the attackers try to convince victims to download and open a Visual Studio Project file. This file contains commands that
In this Malware Analysis Spotlight, we analyze the Berserker variant of Hentai Oniichan Ransomware. We’ve observed at least two different variants of Hentai Oniichan Ransomware in-the-wild, King Engine, and Berserker. What we found interesting in our analysis of the Berserker variant is its attempts to make recovery difficult by deleting
Earlier this year, in one of our blog posts we covered GuLoader, a downloader outfitted with advanced anti-analysis techniques that has delivered FormBook, NanoCore, LokiBot, and Remcos among others. Recently, we’ve observed GuLoader delivering AZORult. Active for many years, AZORult is an information stealer that has seen many iterations and
10/21/2020: The classification of the malware in this Threat Spotlight has been corrected from “Ave_Maria” to “Warzone RAT”. The source of the distinctive “Ave_Maria” substring can be attributed to the open-source TinyNuke malware, which was reused in some Warzone RAT samples. In TinyNuke the string “AVE_MARIA” is transmitted in the
A Fresh Look at an Old Problem Formbook is a well-known malware family of data stealers and form grabbers. Sold as “malware-as-a-service” on hacking forums since early 2016, anyone so inclined can purchase a subscription and use the Formbook tool. It is usually distributed using malspam containing malicious attachments and

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