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In the wake of the shocking AnyDesk incident, a critical question lingers: are we equipped to handle the ever-evolving threat of signature-exploiting malware? Let’s delve deep into the complexities of post-breach detection and uncover the cutting-edge strategies needed to stay ahead of these sophisticated threats.
Join us as we explore the malicious tactics and activities of the DarkGate malware family.

Family Overview Beginning November 2022 here at VMRay we noticed increased activity of the Amadey information stealer malware. Monitoring of the threat landscape over the past several months showed this trend in the malware activity continued and the family is active as we speak. Our observations, together with public reports

Download The Report Introduction Having meticulously dissected the intricate delivery methods employed by BumbleBee in our previous blog post, we embarked on a journey through the multifaceted and complex delivery chains that enable its stealthy penetration. From the covert utilization of seemingly innocuous files to ingenious tactics that evade detection,

Explore BumbleBee malware’s configuration secrets and discover the interconnected web of its malicious operations in this in-depth analysis.

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