Delve into the tools and strategies to enhance your capabilities, with the synergy of EDR tools and advanced sandboxing techniques.

As we delve deeper into the cybercriminal landscape, infostealer malware remains a pervasive threat, continuing to evolve and adapt to net attackers a wealth of sensitive data. These malicious tools, deftly infiltrating systems, swipe everything from login credentials to credit card details, fueling a thriving black market on the dark

In this Malware Analysis Spotlight, we will assume the role of a threat researcher tasked with analyzing, categorizing, and classifying an unknown malicious sample. We will analyze the unknown sample in a malware sandbox to jumpstart the process. Our unknown sample in this Spotlight is the information stealer, Raccoon (also
While InfoStealers are hardly new, some recent developments have made them far more pervasive, more sophisticated, and more challenging to detect. In this post—condensed from a SANS webcast that he participated in— VMRay Product Manager Rohan Viegas along with SANS analyst Jake Williams discuss the mechanics of how InfoStealers work,

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