Agent Tesla is a spyware that has been around since 2014. It’s in active development, constantly being updated and improved with new features, obfuscation, and encryption methods. The malware is sold as a service with a relatively cheap licensing model, which makes it particularly easy to use and can explain

With the release of version 4.0 last year, the VMRay Platform took a huge leap forward and further solidified itself as the preeminent software for SOC and CERT teams that need automated analysis and detection of advanced threats. Version 4.1 further rounded out the offering with incremental yet significant enhancements,

Intelligent Monitoring captures everything that’s relevant and only what’s relevant, so your Security Team can focus on what’s most critical & essential. In explaining what had motivated his team to switch to VMRay Analyzer, a customer told us, “It’s not about getting our analysts started with malware analysis. It’s getting
For malware authors, an important part of their strategy is to drown target organizations with a fire hose of constantly changing information. SOC teams struggle to keep pace with attackers’ ability to rapidly generate new malware variants, new URLs leading to infected websites, and new C2 (command & control) server

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